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cyclestreets: Cycle Routing and Data for Cycling Advocacy

An interface to the cycle routing/data services provided by ‘CycleStreets’, a not-for-profit social enterprise and advocacy organisation. The application programming interfaces (APIs) provided by ‘CycleStreets’ are documented at ( The focus of this package is the journey planning API, which aims to emulate the routes taken by a knowledgeable cyclist. An innovative feature of the routing service of its provision of fastest, quietest and balanced profiles. These represent routes taken to minimise time, avoid traffic and compromise between the two, respectively.

OpenTripPlanner for R

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By: Malcolm Morgan, Marcus Young, Robin Lovelace, Layik Hama

The goal of OpenTripPlanner for R is to provide a simple R interface to OpenTripPlanner (OTP). The OTP is a multimodal trip planning service written in Java. This R package makes it easy to set up OTP and get OTP’s results into R.



By: Malcolm Morgan

The goal of UK2GTFS is to convert train, tram, bus, and metro timetable data from the unfriendly and difficult to use formats used in the UK to the easy to use GTFS format. The main purpose of developing the package is to support using OpenTripPlanner in the UK.



By: Robin Lovelace, Layik Hama

The goal of pct is to increase the accessibility and reproducibility of the data produced by the Propensity to Cycle Tool (PCT), a research project and web application hosted at For an overview of the data provided by the PCT, clicking on the previous link and trying it out is a great place to start. An academic paper on the PCT provides detail on the motivations for and methods underlying the project.


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By: Robin Lovelace, Malcolm Morgan, Layik Hama, Mark Padgham, David Ranzolin, Adam Sparks

stats19 provides functions for downloading and formatting road crash data. Specifically, it enables access to the UK’s official road traffic casualty database, STATS19. (The name comes from the form used by the police to record car crashes and other incidents resulting in casualties on the roads.)


By: Robin Lovelace


stplanr is a package for sustainable transport planning with R. It provides functions for solving common problems in transport planning and modelling, such as how to best get from point A to point B. The overall aim is to provide a reproducible, transparent and accessible toolkit to help people better understand transport systems and inform policy, as outlined in a paper about the package, and the potential for open-source software in transport planning in general.


By Robin Lovelace, Malcolm Morgan

The goal of roadworksUK is to enable you to access, process and visualise data on UK roadworks, particularly Electronic Transfer of Notifications (EToN) records.


By Malcolm Morgan

R wrappers for OSM Filter and OSM Convert and functions for downloading from geofabrik. The package makes it easier to download and use large Open Street Map files with R.